What to expect from KVG

Project and Property Management at whatever level you need

Whether you’re looking for someone to handle your investment from purchase to rental and beyond, or just some to manage your existing portfolio, KVG can customize a management plan specifically tailored to meet your needs.  We offer a wide range of service that you can pick and choose from to form a management plan that suits your investment needs.

Research and Acquisition

  • Search the MLS daily as well as use our industry connections to find deals in foreclosed homes, distressed properties, or other investors ready to sell
  • Continuous market analysis and research to pinpoint key investment areas in and around St. Louis
  • Visit prospective properties to determine the level of renovation needed
  • Assemble cost analysis and estimates for potential properties


  • With investors approval, engage seller with offering
  • Negotiate best sale price
  • Handle all facets of deal until closing (seller, title company, utilities, ect)

Project Management and General Contracting

  • Visit home and change all locks
  • Schedule full renovation including all outside contractors
  • Purchase materials and deliver to site
  • Get crews started on renovation, ensure all outside contractors are locked on schedule
  • Secure all permits and inspections
  • Handle all utilities

Leasing of Property

  • During renovation, start marketing property using SocialServe, Craigslist, and printed materials and signage
  • Show home and acquire applications for rental
  • Screen tenants at owners request
  • Handle all housing authority and leasing paperwork
  • Collect any deposit and first months rent
  • Perform walk through with tenant before move in
  • Ensure tenant has utilities in their name and has acquired occupancy permits and any other move in paperwork needed from caseworker

Property Management

  • Collect rent and any applicable late fees
  • Collect any utility fees as needed, per owners request
  • Answer any maintenance calls and dispatch proper KVG member or subcontractor to make repair
  • Ensure that utilities in any vacant homes are in good standing and are turned on in owners name.  Handle these payments at owners request.
  • Handle any municipal code issues, housing authority paperwork, renewals, and anual inspections
  • Perform walk through with tenant at move out and itemize any damages to provide tenant, owner, and caseworker
  • Handle any eviction process at request of owner


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