Getting Started

What we need from you

  • KVG will hold reserve funds for renovations and future maintenance costs.  Any tenant rent portions collected by KVG is deposited into our operating account.  Any utility payments from tenants are also deposited into this account.  At any time you can be provided with a ledger of your account to see how much money you hold there and what your money has been spent on.  Our accounting and management tracking is all completed through Buildium.  We send each owner a link to set up their own username and password to login in at any time and track activity.  We highly recommend this to each owner as it helps to answer questions about expenses paid on your owner statement we send each month. Click here for a quick Preview of Buildium’s Owner Portal .
    • KVG does require an initial start up amount between $250-$2,000 depending on the number of properties you own and the level of service you are seeking from our company.  Typically after any renovations have been completed, the tenant rent portions are sufficient to cover any general maintenance, but if your account drops below $50/property we may ask you to infuse the account with reserve funds.
  • Warranty deed, certified or a HUD statement from purchase for each property.
  • W-9 form with your tax ID number.  This is to add your company to our mailbox so we may receive mail for you, and for any utility set up in your properties.
  • A signed property management agreement between KVG and your company
  • A color photocopy of owners drivers license for the use of most municipalities to obtain landlord permits
  • For existing properties that have a tenant, any and all leasing paperwork, including all tenant information
  • Labeled key for each property already in your portfolio
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