Lease up fee:

The lease up fee for a residential property is the amount of a full months rent.  $800 in rent = $800 lease up fee.  This fee includes any marketing and advertising costs for the purpose of getting a ready property rented, as well as meeting with the tenant, collecting deposit, ensuring all paperwork to be filled out correctly, and delivering paperwork to Housing Authority if needed.

Monthly management fee: 10% of rent collected

Please note that although KVG handles tenant calls and maintenance distribution, all maintenance costs are handled on a case by case basis and not included in this fee.  All management fees are automatically deducted from your account each month before your owner draw check is disbursed.


Renewal fee: $400


Maintenance call by KVG: $35/hr, 1 hr minimum plus cost of materials

Any maintenance call not handled by KVG will be paid from your reserve account.  KVG will never write ourselves a check for labor from your reserve account unless directed to do so by an owner.  We would rather invoice you.

Evictions: $450

The charge includes:
  • Review of the lease and payment history;
  • Preparation of the eviction case (which must be signed and notarized);
  • 1st Court appearance;
  • Trial appearance or 2nd court appearance;
  • Filing fee included;
  • Service fee included;
  • Sheriff’s fee for move-out included


Existing tenant with missing information: $75

If you are unable to provide us with information collected from the tenant at the initial leasing, KVG must gather this information from them for our records.  This is for your protection as the owner, should we need to obtain a judgement against the tenant in the future for property damage or unpaid rent.

Project and acquisition fee: $5000

This is for the acquisition and general contracting of a newly purchased property.  This fee does not include materials or labor.  This fee provides a complete turn key program for investors, from acquisition to leasing and beyond.  Additionally, this fee generally applies only when KVG is seeking out, researching, and negotiating the purchase of a property for you.




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